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Bed wetting in older girls

Hi, my daughter has suffered from daytime and night time wetting since we started potty training at 2 and half. She is now 10 and we are still having problems, daytime has got a bit better with age but night time is still a massive issue, she still wears pyjama pant pull ups and they are completely soaked in the morning, she is currently taking desmopressin and it has helped a little but she is still wet so we can't take her off pull ups. Our next obstacle now is that she is showing signs of starting her periods and I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what products are best to use, will pull ups be enough to hold urine and blood because obviously sanitary towels won't hold urine. Sorry if I have shared to much information but I am really stuck with what to do as I want her to feel as clean and comfortable as possible. Thank you

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Hi Ive been worrying about the exact same thing , my daughter is 11 in November , and I have raised this concern with her urologist , that wetting is one thing but blood and wetting together will be a disaster , she’s just had Botox so that’s calmed down the wetting in the day , but she also catheterises so that was another concern with doing that and being on her period , the urology nurses and her urologist have both said that a lot of children start their periods and its like magic, something they can’t really explain but they stop wetting , but then my daughter has had further tests and investigations and they now don’t think that will be the case with her , but with you saying your daughters daytime wetting is getting better that sounds like good news x


They keep telling me at her hospital appointments that she will probably get dry on her own at night, they keep saying it's a maturity thing. She has been on different medications for daytime wetting but they were having an affect on her behaviour so we made the decision to take her off everything. She has had a small operation to slightly stretch her bladder so I think that did help too. Fingers crossed that when the day comes that she starts her period she will stop bed wetting and if not then we will just have to cross that bridge when we come to it. I hope your daughter gets better soon too. x


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