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Suddenly bedwetting

My daughter (8 years old) has always had problems with daytime wetting. She however was neatly always dry at night. From the age of 4 to 7 She probably wet the bed 3 times. She soiled regularly too until she was about 6. We have the soiling under control by ensuring she always sits on the loo after breakfast and she will nearly always poo. Her daytime wetting had dramatically improved over the last year by increasing her fluids (1200ml per day), only drinking water, and drinking 200ml at a time. She has a wobl watch that we have increased from 1 hour alarms to 2 hours bit by bit. Just before Christmas when we had got to a month (!) dry we left off the watch and she was dry for 2 weeks. We went to the continence clinic last week and told her how well she was doing and how proud we were.

Since then she has started daytime wetting again and has also wet the bed 3 times- and I mean completely flooded it so I think she has weed in it several times during the night. She hasn'admitted to any episode of wetting, just making her bed nearly 2nd folding her sodden pyjamas before putting them under her pillow. I have taken her to the clinic and had her urine tested for infection and diabetes and it is normal. She will not talk to us about what is happening apart from promising not to do it again- I asked her not to promise not to wet the bed, but instead could she promise to tell us if she did and she agreed. She wet again last night, but told me she hadn't when I went to check this morni g.

I have just spoken to the clinic who have said to put her into day and night time pull ps for a week then they will review her.

I am so low- this is new for her, and just when we thought we had turned a corner.anyine else has anything like this ?

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