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Overflow constipation and wee accidents

4.5 year old has overflow constipation, which has been flaring up again this week.

She's also had a few accidents where she's wet herself. I remind her to go to the loo but she had two wee accidents on the same day at school. She was distressed about it and told her teacher that she couldn't feel that she needed a wee. (Possibly said as she thought she was going to be in trouble the 2nd time?)

Anybody experienced wetting accidents at same time as child has constipation. I wondered if there was a link or if not been able to feel the urge to go & constipation?

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This certainly goes hand in hand as the bowel presses on the bladder. She could also possibly have an infection. Could you possibly do a disimpaction with movicol? Have a look at the video by the poo nurses if you haven't already done so, it's very helpful. Good luck x

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Thank you for replying. I never thought of the bowel pressing on the bladder. I've not watched the video so will do that now.


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