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5 year old bed wetting every night

My 5 year old boy still wets the bed every night so he wears pull ups to bed. He will be 6 in a few months. His 3 year old brother is dry at night so just feels like something's wrong. Planning on going to the doctors again to be referred on but just wondered if there's any advice to try beforehand. He doesn't have late drinks. He is dry in the day but does have some urgency sometimes when he needs a wee he has to go there and then very quickly. Thank you in advance

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Hiya, my son is 7.5 and we were in the same position as you this time last year. We tried taking the pull ups off for 6 months to see if that would change anything, the first night he got up and went for a wee and was dry in the morning. I was over the moon. Then he was wet pretty much every single night for 6 months. When he turned 7 we went to the doctors and we got a referral which took a while. At the Enuresis clinic they’ve talked about whether he might be constipated as this is often the cause of bedwetting. We’ve also been told that he needs to drink 1.4 litres throughout the day to stretch his bladder, no drinks after 6pm, wee one hour before bed and directly before bed as well as no more pull ups as the child can’t feel when they’re wet. For two months we saw a tiny improvement. We’re now using a bed wetting alarm which we’ve had for 3 weeks. In that time my son has learned to stop mid way through his wee but isn’t quite awake enough to stop the alarm and get up himself to go to the toilet. But it’s slowly improving. For some reason he’s also having lots more dry nights where the alarm doesn’t even sound. We’re at about 50/50 this month which is a massive improvement.

I’m not sure if any of that helps, but wanted to share my experience!


He sounds like a normal little boy. Dry nights vary from child to child depending on when a certain hormone kicks in which suppresses the production of wee at night, forget what it's called. My boys were dry at night by three but my daughter was seven. I tried her in the summer holidays for a few days but she wasn't ready until she was seven. Personally I would wait until at least eight before seeking medical advice..my grandson is five and not dry at night, along with thousand of others I should think. Try not to worry X

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The bed wetting alarm seemed to really help my daughter i would definitely try it. They're not too expensive and it might solve problem whilst waiting for referral.


Similar results here. maleme 8 tone is one we use


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