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Teenage son bed wetting


My son has just turned 13 years old and has never had a dry night in his life. He still wears nappies to bed and it is impacting his mental health. I have tried so many things. He was under a specialist for a while, but they couldn’t find anything to help. Does anyone else share a similar experience and have any suggestions?

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I don’t have any advice but just wanted to say I feel your pain. My son is almost 10 & he was signed off from Enurisis clinic as nothing worked. I am really worried it is starting to effect his mental health. It’s such a hassle for us because even though he wears pull ups his bed is still wet at least twice a week. When was the last time you saw a specialist?

Hi, my son last saw a specialist about a year ago. He was signed off from the clinic too because they couldn’t find anything to help and said he should grow out of it. My sons bed is wet 2 or 3 times a week too because he leaks through the pull ups, so I completely understand what you’re going through. Has your son ever had a dry night at all?

Over the summer he did have some dry nights with the use of the alarm but then he started to sleep through it & then the cold weather came & he regressed to having daytime accidents too. It’s so frustrating. I think he has an over active bladder but I’ve been told oxybutin is not given to children although it is clear from this site that thats a lie. He’s had a bladder scan but no one has explained the results. I have been chasing with the doctors & hospital but never get anywhere.

Hi, my son is 13 and although it’s a different type of incontinence he suffers with (giggle) it is similar in that nothing so far is working and there is limited things more we can try. I too am so worried about his mental health over this and how it worries him. I just want to say I hope things do improve for your son as I know how it feels to be struggling to find something to help. You’re not alone x

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Thank you. I hope the same for you x

we were told to try a bed wetting alarm when my daughter was 8. I did some research and found out they are best used on children once all other issues have been ruled out. Long story short my now 9 year old daughter has a very small and overactive bladder. While that needs treating (so far without medication) the Dr.s are concerned about mental health and so suggested we tried the bed wetting alarm. I was really sceptical BUT after two weeks of me waking my daughter at the times I suspected she went (midnight and 5.30am) we then introduced the alarm. Like your son she had never been dry at night (soaked and leaking pull ups). We started the alarm on 1st Jan and she has not wet the bed for 4 weeks so is now classed as 'dry' (because of her condition she often has to go 5-6 times a night but she says it's worth it as she found the pull-ups so uncomfortable and was starting to feel embarrassed). I know it doesn't work for everyone but I thought I should share. I wish you and your son and the other people replied lots of luck with night time wetting.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I had ruled the alarm out quite some time ago., but on the back of your success, I’m going to give it one more go.

I was really anti the alarm, considered them barbaric but I couldn't keep taking her to the toilet 2-3 times a night AND still having a wet bed.... so it seemed a natural progression. I would advise waking him up 2-3 times a night for a week just to get him used to being disturbed (but gently with your voice) and then rehearse the alarm with him when it comes. Good luck x

my son is 12 and is still bed wetting. we are now doing a sleep study. the specialist though maybe sleep apnoea or reflux causes bed wetting. i feel your pain. my son takes minirin and even thats not working now. it did previously.

A couple of things regarding the alarm: my son would sleep though the alarm, so I slept in his room in order to wake him as soon as the alarm went off. I also put a potty next to his bed so he could wee straight away.

It took a few exhausing nights but it worked. He now only has the occasional accident and that's when he drinks too close to bedtime.

My son is 12 and up until the past few months he wet the bed every night. Without help from doctors, as they said nothing was wrong, he has only wet the bed two or three times in the week. He is slowly growing out of it. He no longer wears pull ups and hasn't for a year because the only thing the doc said was they will send him back to infancy.

We just use kids bed wetting mattress covers from asda. They are about £4 but definitely are worth it for him.

I think it is different for all children, what is good for some may not work for others. Also my son does suffer from severe social anxiety and is under camhs this is a real problem for him to be bed wetting as he gets off the scale frustrated.

My experience, just like any parent would do, tell them it's OK and not to worry. X

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