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Hi all,

quick background story, our 4 year old was withholding and for about 18months we struggled with getting the movical dose right and the picsodium was helping, He used to soil himself 6 plus time a day, he started school in September and we were worried about this, he seemed to pick up a bit with a few accidents and tears we finally got to a point October half term all Of a sudden he got it! Every poo on the toilet or potty in public places the lot, brilliant!

Two weeks ago for some reason he withheld and now we are back to square one, tried all he old techniques and nothing seems to be working, again it seems like he’s lost the sensation, any ideas at all? Symptoms of Encropresis, not wanting to do a flush out while in school do you think a slight increase in his movicol will suffice?

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A small dose won’t do it, for a quick clear out our consultant tells us to do picosulfate on fri and sat nights so back to normal for school on Monday.


You could be us one year behind!!! Our son has had good phases and bad, we think as behavioural, and linked to stress or being run down, so maybe look at that as root cause and be patient with the soiling. We've done movicol mini clearouts at school half terms, also on picosulphate so useful to hear that advice. I think if you have a bad run it is best to clear out a little to give him a chance. Hold onto the positives that he can use the toilet!


Thanks Jane-Anna and Evala

We thought we had it cracked, he withheld the week leading up to his Xmas show, he’s soiled again tonight at after school club they had to call us it was that bad! It seems to be settling down to one episode a day now, he really doesn’t get the sensation which is why we think it’s encropresis

So not sure to clear him out by increasing his dose of mov, but he’s doesn’t seem constipated, It’s tough to juggle


Whenever my daughter has a bad phase I just do a clear out then she improves. She has with holding issues so I have to keep her clear then she knows when to go.


Full disimpaction we do 2,4,6,8,8,8 sachets movicol then 2 a day maintenance but now for quick disimpaction to keep on top of things we give picosulfate.


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