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5 year old daughter-nappy issues

Hi there, I'm new to this forum.

my 5 year old daughter will only wee and poo in nappies. She doesn't wear them, she only puts them on to use the toilet. She has complete control and there are no issues with accidents, continence etc. She goes through the motions of sitting on the toilet in her nappy to do her wee or poo, but will not do it without one on. We have tried so many things with her and nothing has worked. The anxiety stems from her wee or poo going into the toilet. We have suggested putting paper down etc, cutting a hole in the nappy, sticker charts, everything. She is a very bright, strong willed and stubborn lady so we have our work cut out for us!

ERIC have recommended that we may need cognitive behavioural therapy to address the anxiety or perhaps a play specialist. Has anyone got any recommendations for someone they have been to or any suggestions if you have been through something similar.

Thanks so much!

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