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2 and a half year old soiling - newly potty trained

Hi, Im new here but I'm hoping there is someone who can help me. My 2 and a half year old daughter has been potty trained in the day for about 3-4 weeks now and doing brilliantly. hardly no wee accidents and asking to go. She has suffered from constipation on and off for a while but worse since Christmas. when in nappies she would strain really hard to go and in between BM would leave marks in her nappies. Since being in pants she doesn't seem to be straining as much and has been doing her Bowel Movements (BM) on the toilet or potty however this is only every 4-5 days and they are quite large. In between this time she has been leaving marks in her pants and sometimes very small amounts of poo in there also which is quite soft, although its not like she's had an accident as I don't think she realises she has done it and is very concerned when she realises. she's on lactulose twice a day recently increased to 10ml although this seems to have made the problem worse as last week she is now having very soft soiling in her pants throughout the day which is causing an issue when she goes to nursery. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I should also say we have tried movicol in the past and have concerns over how soft/sticky it made her BM even on a very low dose so worry about her ability to do these on a toilet.

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We had very similar. The GP put her on Movicol (which is tricky to get the dose right on!) And this sorted it out. However because she suddenly didn't have to strain and the nerves/gut was a bit stretched we did basically have to re potty train her for poo once the Movicol was working.

We started with very soft stools and are now on 1 sachet a day, her stools are "normal" and she poos most days, sometimes skips and day and does 2 the next. No more discomfort. They stay on it a few months at least.

There is also an app called Poo goes to poo land and a youtube video called toilet time is fun (I think - it's a song that goes "timmy needs a poop, trot trot trot...") and we used them while she sat on the potty to encourage effort.

We ask her to try doing "poo practice pushes" morning and night. We reward her for pushing. Often the pushes result in a poo.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. We are giving the movicol a try. Will def check the app and videos out once we get the dosage right as I think they will help x


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