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What to do about Movicol side effects (wind and loud rumbling noises)? Help, worried about my 6 year old in school because of it :-(


I have a 6 year old who has been on Movicol, and then Senokot for around two years. The movicol is making her windy, and on occasion her tummy makes loud rumbling noises. I was thinking about giving her only the Senokot every night, except when I looked it says it's for short term use.

Does anyone else, have a similiar story, and what have you done to improve matters? I am becoming increasingly worried about the side effects of the medicine, in case she is bullied at school over it.. I am feeling almost at my wits end :-(

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Hi Michelletaylor4. Can I ask why u think it's the movicol making her windy? Movicol acts by drawing in water from the Bowel. The senekot stimulates peristalsis which would b more likely causing wind and tummy rumbles. Senna in the past has been said to make the Bowel "lazy" but more recent studies have shown this to be untrue. I worried about the side effects like you and my girl has been on movicol since she was 3 and is now 12! A Dr once said to me if they don't use the.meds the constipation and stretching of the Bowel is a much worse outcome. Think of it like being a diabetic. They need insulin .And so we need to use movicol etc, there is no choice. As long as your 6 y.o is pooing that's the important thing. It's hard but ur not alone. Don't worry about school . It's so noisy no one will hear her tummy. I would also look at her poos. Compare to the.bristol stool chart. You can reduce and play with the doses. Good luck. You're doing a great job. Stay positive.


Thanks for replying. I rang Darenth Valley Hospital today, and the nurse who I spoke to, said it was the Senekot causing the wind and the loud noise from her tummy. They have advised me to use the Movicol every day, and then to cut the Senekot to 125ml each time. Hopefully that will make a difference :-)


Yes, Darenth Valley are great. We had no help until we found out about them. It's great to know that you can pick up the phone and call them. The poo nurse was not there today, but another very helpful nurse, who sits near her, was able to help instead!

I contacted the Eric help line with this question a few months ago and assured me that movical is completely safe for long term use. I looked into gentle tummy massage to help with my sons issues and it's become part of our routine when he seems particularly bloated with wind. He's now 8 and has been on movical for 6 years and we won't be coming off it anytime soon as its the only thing that has worked for us with the routine of toilet sits etc. I've set an alarm on my phone, when it goes off he goes to the loo without a fuss, during school term he goes as soon as he's gets in the door.

Thanks for the reply. My daughter would laugh a lot if I tried to massage her tummy, as she is very ticklish. I rang up the poo nurse today, and was advised to cut down on the Senokot to only 125ml each time, and to carry on with the Movicol as normal. The wind smell is very strong sometimes, and she breaks wind a lot. The noise from her tummy is also really loud. Hopefully, the reduction in Senekot, will help get things back on track :-)

Hello. My daughter was on movicol for about 3 years and senokot for 9 months. She was only on 5ml of senokot per day. Do you mean your child is on 125ml of senokot? That would be a huge amount? Is it the liquid form?

Our consultant said he had treated children using senokot for up to 2 years so I think long term use of senokot is alright under doctors supervision and on a low dose.

With regards to school bullying I don't think young children really worry about stuff like that until older. My daughter has never suffered any embarrassment or teasing due to her past soiling problems and she is 7, although my daughter is at all girls school, I can't comment on how boys behave as I don't know.

We naturally worry about it all as parents though so I can empathise.

Great that you have a supportive medical team on board as that is not always the case for some. Wishing you well x


Whoops made a typo! I meant she is on 1.25ml. Apologies for that. My son has said that my daughter breaks wind a lot at school. I would just hate to think of her being excluded and picked on, because of her medical issue. I know from personal experience how these things can happen. Yes, Darenth Valley are great, and I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to turn to them, when all else failed. We don't live in Dartford, but luckily they take referrals from out of the area. If anyone is struggling, and not a million miles away (we live in the London borough of Bexley), then let me know, as I will give you their phone number :-) We wouldn't be where we are today, if it hadn't been for their help!

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