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Son daily soiling

Not sure where to start but My 5 yr old boy soils his boxers every day due to withholding poo. He has never sat on a toilet to do a poo and a pull-up is used but after my last failed attempt to use the toilet he has completely shut off from going and I don't know what to do next ??

Since 2-3yrs movical was used due to constipation but a year has passed since having any because that's another battle with him have tried all flavours n disguise

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Perhaps try lactulose as can be taken by the spoon and is sweet. It softens the poo a bit like movicol. Can be prescribed or bought in the chemist. Could even be mixed into food if needed.

Also the GP may prescribe senokot, this acts as a pusher. Used together they can help break the cycle of withholding.

Maybe try to get him to poo in the pull up standing by the toilet, work way towards sitting on toilet wearing the pull up. Maybe he could poo in the pull up whilst sitting on the toilet. Reward for any cooperation. Try to be relaxed about it as much as it's highly frustrating (been there!)

Read through all the posts on here. So much great advice for mums in your shoes x

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Sorry in late reply but totally forgot about my post. Have tried both senna and lactulose which can slightly bring out something but doesn't stop my boy from holding it with all his efforts

He will avoid any conversations or help and I just can't get through .


Hi just read your post! My daughter is 5 1/2 years old and since she was potty trained has been very good at holding in her poos!

Have you asked your son if there is any reason why he doesn't like sitting on the toilet? I discovered that my daughter did not find it very comfortable so I bought her a padded toilet seat (frozen Disney themed) to encourage her to sit for "toilet time" 5 mins after a meal. Whether she done anything or not I rewarded her with a sticker for sitting! I stay with her in the bathroom and we do different things to distract her e.g colouring in, watching iPad and recently we've started to use party blowers and blow up balloons this has helped her to "push" in a fun way so she can't hold on to it. The party blowers has turned into a game of musical statues where I do some silly dancing and when the music stops (party blower) I freeze! Provides plenty of laughs and normally ends up with a poo in the toilet as she had been too busy laughing/blowing the party blower to notice that she has pushed a poo out!

We are still on the journey to break the withholding/soiling habit but I've found routine and keeping things fun has helped improve the situation.....

Good luck and feel free to rant on this site when things aren't going well it's helped me a lot just knowing there is other parents with children managing the same toilet issues helps to realise that your not alone



Constipation was the trigger n having to pass a large poo so never wanted to use potty or toilet n felt perhaps safe in a pull up ?? But was trying to encourage toilet use n have bubbles n reward charts etc also he cud use phone or have books but has always cried screaming n distress with mention of the big white bowl!!!! And now completely holds on so he won't even try a sit down with pull ups on

He will change subject n dodge any poo talk, with no worries that it's nothing then go hid to hold!!!!


That was how my daughter started constipation and a large sore poo!

She was always determined not to go back into nappies or pull ups again but just soiled her pants instead

You might need to try and do very small steps with him to show it is not scary! go into the bathroom with him for toilet time after a meal but not ask him to sit on the toilet maybe colour in together on the bathroom floor, next time ask him to sit on the toilet with the lid down and do an activity together make sure you reward him after each stage, then ask him to sit on the toilet with his pull up and gradually continue until he is sitting there without the pull-up - don't stress if he doesn't do one of the stages just repeat the same again at the next toilet time!

It's easier said than done it took my daughter a while to use the padded toilet seat but now she won't do a poo without it - lol

We still have days where we have soiling accidents although these are reduced if I get her to do a poo at toilet time! I have to be quite strict and maintain the routine straight after a main meal (breakfast/dinner) to have any success e.g she is not allowed to watch cartoons after dinner until toilet time is done.

If you haven't seen your gp yet do go and see them it has taken me a few appointments but I've now been referred to hospital although we are on the waiting list to see a dedicated team that deal with child constipation issues - I think with my daughter it's more psychological and the fear of sore poos if I could sort that it would be so much better


Your reply made me giggle. Your explanation of the musical statues made me smile! I can so relate to those bathroom antics. X


Ha ha Luella I just hope my neighbours can't hear what goes on in my bathroom at toilet time! :-) the musical statues started when we were away on holiday and she was loosing interest in some of the other things we had been doing! - the things us parents have to do :-)


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