Daytime Wetting in Children and Teens

Daytime Wetting in Children and Teens

For all parents whose children, of all ages, suffer from daytime wetting problems I set up a Facebook support group last year called Daytime Wetting in Children and Teens. This closed group provides a forum for parents to talk freely about their child's problems in a non-judgemental atmosphere, and offer advice and support.

The group now has over 100 members. Nothing is TMI in the group, and members are also free to talk about related issues, including bedwetting, soiling and behavioural problems. Please click the link below if you are interesting in joining:

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  • Im not on facebook (& really not keen to join it) is there any other way to get access to this info as i would be very interested.

  • I'm afraid it would be a breach of trust for me to reproduce any postings by members outside of the group, especially considering the sensitive nature of many of the posts.

    I actually joined Facebook specifically to join a support group for parents of children and teenagers who soil ("HELP!!!! My Child Has Encopresis") in order to share my own experiences of childhood soiling. I do not use the personal side of Facebook at all and choose not to have Facebook friends. Seeing how much parents valued the advice, support and understanding offered by the encopresis group, I decided to set up the Daytime Wetting group, a similar support group for parents dealing with another childrens' continence issue often considered taboo.

  • Ok James i understand what you mean.thanks for taking the time to reply.

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