Urodynmics test for my child

Just wondered if any parents have got a child who's had the Urodynamics test or any Urology professional on this forum who could give any advice/tips on what a child should expect when having this test?

My 8year old has urgent and frequent daytime wetting. He's all the scans and tests including the urine flow toilet test and is on 5mg Vesicare/day, so we're just waiting for the Urodynamics test appointment to come through as the consultant wants to check his bladder function

The test doesn't sound very pleasant for a child to go through but I wanted to know if they're given any pain relief beforehand and wondered if I should prepare him for what's about to happen before it just let the medical staff explain what will happen during the test. I'm sure they said he'd be given gas and air but don't know for definite.

Any help on this would be much appreciated


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Hello there, I've only been on here for a couple of months but I can understand what you are going through, my daughter had the urodynamics test in September last year, my daughter has a stop start flow because of a blockage due to a ureterocele, basically the test will measure the pressure of the bladder, I don't know if your child is having the cystoscopy with it as well with the supra pubic catheter, they attach tracers to it so they can measure it, my daughter didn't find it too invasive but she was put to sleep to have the cystoscopy and then she had the tests done, they normally offer bio feedback training as treatment if the muscles are weak around the bladder but don't know whether your child has been offered it before, really hope you are ok, it's so stressful for us parents, our problems are no where near over yet but we are are waiting on an op as my daughter suffers from bladder retention with uncontrollable leaking with pain all day which is a nightmare for her, wish you and your child the very best of luck xxx


Hi Fuzzalert, we couldn't comment on the gas and air because every hospital will have their own policies and protocols. They should get him in before the procedure to explain fully whats going to happen on the day and what to expect. They may even use a play specialist to help him understand completely. You might want to think about calling the hospital and finding out what their procedures are. Natalie@ERIC


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