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hello, I'm new here, was directed here by bladder and bowel for my daughter who is about to start clean intermittent catheters!

Hi I have a 12 yr old daughter who has all sorts of kidney/bladder problems since 8 and we got to,d last month that she us to start clean intermittent catheters! We have been for training and unfortunately her first few goes were unsuccessful 😢 She had a bad experience about 3 years ago with a catheter and is absolutely terrified bless her, just wondered if anyone has had to deal with this with their child, we are back in London hospital in February and have been told she must be mentally prepared for it to be put in that day which we are all worried for her about, we have been given 3 weeks supply of catheters to practice with at home in her own environment but still nothing, I could really use some support right now as I feel so helpless 😔

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Aw that sounds so tough. I haven't got experience of this but hopefully someone will be able to share.

It's so difficult when the emotional side gets involved and they get scared or embarrassed isn't it, especially going into the teenage years I bet.

Thinking of you both, I hope you get through this.


Thank you, we will get through this, it's just so difficult for her and you're right, I think with her age, it's the whole embarrassing issue about doing this in front of nurses, mum etc, it won't always be like this for her as when she finally gets the hang of it, she will do it in privacy, but we just need her to go them few extra steps and progress further, thanks for your concern xx

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Aww good luck to her x


Sounds stressful for the child. Is this really necessary? What are her symptoms without the catheters? Repeat UTI's can be helped with probiotic supplements in my experience. Sometimes UTI's can be mistaken for repeats when it's the same infection that is waxing and waning with the wrong antibiotics.


Hello, thanks for you reply. Unfortunately my daughter has very complex bladder issues, none of which she has never had a UTI, I wish it was that straight forward to fix with antibiotics, she has remnants left of a uteretocele which was due to an operation she had 3 years ago to try and correct poor draining which has caused a blockage which has now resulted in severe bladder retention also with leaking during the day which she has no control over due to her bladder simply not working, we have had urodynamics which was unsuccessful so now her consultant would like her to try self catherisation, we see him back in April where we will may have yo contemplate her having surgery to remove the blockage but we were warned that its not something that has a good success rate and she could still end up with a bag so obviously however stressful it may seem, for her sake at this age we have got to try, it's not easy and we still gave a couple of months to master it, hopefully in time this we be easier for her and if she successful, it will make such a difference to her life, we were told up the hospital that children as young as 6 were had been trained, it's just going to be a time thing.


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