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Under active thyroid led to constipation problems

Hi, my daughter who is now 5 was constipated for about 18 months and many different treatments later the GP did a blood test. It showed under active thyroid which explained many things.

Anyway 6 months on her levels are within range but the constipation problem is still there amongst other symptoms. However there are a few things going on that have possibly contributed.

The school make her clean herself out rather than do it which I do not believe is right. They say she doesn't tell them when she has had an accident but I have said that as she has been constipated for some time she has lost sensation and we need to keep the routine. Also when I asked her about it she said she didn't want to say as she has to clean herself up and doesn't want to.

So several months later and several GP's, school nurse, consultant and meeting with school i now have her home after another phone call saying she is in a state and needs collecting. I collected her Wednesday. They said they had tried to get her to clean herself up but she needs a bath. I brought her home and undressed her and 'in a state' is an understatement. If they were present when she was attempting to clean herself up they obviously just weren't bothered but looking at her I can't see how a school could allow a child to sit like that. She has been red raw ever since and I am using cream but I think I may have to get some stronger stuff from the GP.

We had an ICP which agreed they would clean her up and they would take her to the toilet every two hours and 20 minutes after lunch and snacks. None of this has happened. They are also supposed to be keeping a food and drink diary which has either been quite sparse or not completed at all.

I have managed to secure another meeting with them on 25 January and have the school nurse involved but i want to go with all the information I need so I can dispel myths and answer questions. For example they insist she is in pants but she gets in a worse mess that way. Also I think as they have spent all this time making an issue of it and making her clean herself up her self esteem is on the floor. She is down, flat, just not herself. hard to explain but I just know she isn't herself. She doesn't want to go to school, she gets upset about going. I have to get her up, dress her and basically drag her until this incident the other day. She won't tell anyone other than me she has had an accident and I do think this is because its been made an issue. When she was at pre-school with her key worker she would happily let Joe change her and she was trained other than the overflow and soiling. Now she seems to be worse for a few months in school than she was before. She spends a lot of time in pull-ups, simply because she feels happier that way and I am trying to keep things as calm and straightforward as possible. The school won't have her in pull-ups. If that is the case they need to support the toiletting and food/drink and need to record what I need them to record.

Basically I am at the end of my tether. I'm not sleeping, I spend a lot of time in tears and I just cannot bear to see my little girl go through this much more. The poor kid is living a life a 5 year old shouldn't have to. She is having to stress and worry and her whole life is about meds and poo.

I have three other children and a job and I am just looking for advice on how I approach the school meeting in a couple of weeks time and what I can expect against what they tell me they can provide. Many thanks for help in advance

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Hello, I really feel for you both. School is hard enough without extra worries. My 5 year old has chronic constipation and cannot tell when he needs the toilet. School have recognised that the best way to keep him clean is nappies and regular changes. If you have a plan in place then the school is obliged to provide the help agreed to in the plan. Before the meeting you could approach the local authority department that issued the plan and ask for advise. They may be able to send someone along to the meeting. As part of having a plan there should be regular multiteam review meetings to ensure your little one is getting the help they need. I also go armed with a list of important questions so I don't get nervous and forget to talk. Hope some of this is helpful!


So sorry to hear what you are both going through. I think you're both being really badly let down by the school here. She has a need for this additional support and it ought to be provided. I wonder if you could get advice/ support regarding what your rights are in this situation?

I hope things improve for you both really really soon.



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