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Penile Implant Effectiveness

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I am thinking about a penile implant at the age of 57. I hear it's effective. I had my prostate removed one year ago and my nerves have been spared. I am using trimix now but it's inconsistent. Please let me know if you had a penile implant and how it's going.

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Hello Mike, I had penile implants about 6 years ago when I was 40. I had experienced chronic Erectile dysfunction since all illness in 2008. I asked my ED consultant about it and I was referred to UCLH in London where I eventually had the operation.

I have found it advantageous in many ways as I never have a problem getting hard and can enjoy multiple orgasms without going soft.

The downsides are that some of my nerves have been lost and only certain positions allow me to climax.

Check out I had my implant almost 15 months ago and no regrets. Franktalk will give you tons of information and personal experiences.

I highly recommend it. I had my prostate removed and after that, nothing worked. With my implant I no longer have ED.

How long ago, what type and did insurance cover it? If not, how much was it?Thank you!

5 years ago, My wife's insurance at the time; not sure what. My out of pocket was 600 for a $40,000.00 procedure. Not a bad deal. Most insurances cover it so check it all out.

Hi Mikey,I developed ED Post Prostatectomy in February 2004 at age 65 with no prior history of ED. Viagra, etc. did not work for me so I studied the literature and attended ED Seminars and finally got to speak with two men who had the Coloplast Titan Penile Implant Procedure done. This convinced me to move forward and I had my done 3 weeks later (12/13/2007). In retrospect, this proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. It truly "gave me my life back", just as the two men I spoke with said it would and, also, restored the emotional intimacy with my wife.

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Hope this has been helpful.


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