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I hope you'll respond to this

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We hope Malecare's prostate cancer peer-to-peer support communities helped you during 2021. Were any of our other 2021 activities helpful?

Malecare produced several virtual events like Prostate Cancer Under Fire and the annual Prostate Cancer Patient Conference. Thousands of people were able to join from anywhere in the world to learn how to improve treatment choices and increase quality of life. We're planning a conference regarding erectile dysfunction for 2022.

In 2021, Malecare researchers published seven papers in major peer-reviewed journals. Malecare has a pending second cancer-focused medical device patent and a third in production. We're also working with our university partners to conduct a second NIH-funded clinical trial as we analyze data from our first clinical trial. This is a fantastic output for a small nonprofit.

Malecare's creation of the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance and the Here to Hear project helped us research and author the recently published 535-page Prostate Cancer World, the first global analysis of access to care and support. Prostate Cancer World's roadmap will improve prostate cancer support for thousands of men.

Malecare's team is working night and day to develop Cancer Copilot, a new way to solve prostate cancer quality of life problems and help pay for treatment. Cancer Copilot launches out of Beta in just a few months.

We are filled with pride because we see our programs, such as the Black Prostate Cancer Coalition, Prostate Cancer Under Fire (helping military veterans), The LGBT Cancer Project, and the Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group Network, emulated worldwide.

You are Malecare's community and family, which is an excellent way to say that you will never be alone. We hope you will join our work by donating as much as you comfortably can afford. Your donation is a critical driver of our work. Please make your donation by clicking here. malecare.org/donate

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