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Saying goodbye to sex?


My partner of 20 years is experiencing diminished performance due to prostate issues. There are some things that I really miss, but he refuses to talk about it.

Should I look outside for some satisfaction, or just accept that it is over?

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Hi Overdue,

I would highly recommend that your Partner see a Urologist re his ED problem and

and discuss potential Treatment Options, including, a Penile Implant.

I developed ED Post-Prostatectomy in 2004 and suffered with it for 3+years.

Then I was implanted with the Coloplast Titan IPP(Inflatable Penile Prosthesis)

in 2007 which completely corrected my ED and restored both my sex life and self confidence.

Hope this has been helpful.


charlesroig in reply to bob1138

I too got the Titan One Touch and it is like nothing bad ever happened. I would definitely have him look into that.

Once you look outside your relationship you can never go back. I'd encourage you to see a urologist. There are lots of options. I think of additional important is ED can be an indicator of other issues prostate related and blood flow related. If your partner doesn't get this checked for sexual concerns get it checked for overall health concerns.

I totally agree with bob1138. However, what's the next best solution, if an implant seems difficult to wrap your minds around? The Elator is an external support device that enables penetration without an erection, with partial, or with full erection. It bypasses dealing with ED directly, in favor of successful penetration.

I don't know anyone personally who's using it, but it sounds great.

Get a medical evaluation first. Several useful options are available prior to surgery. As most men will attest, after a few minutes the embarrassment will pass. This may be a sign of underlying medical problems and should be addressed soon.

Try having him talk with the online community. I’m sure he is anxious and embarrassed. The anonymity may allow him to reach out

I would just add to the previous good advice that seeking sex outside of your relationship will be a recipe for disaster. I suffered from ED as a result of beng diagnosed with TB Meningitis and also have an enlarged prostate.

Once I discovered that implants were a treatment possibility I was keen to have the operation as I had suffered for over 8 years. Since having the procedure it has reignited our sex life and my fiancé can’t believe how lucky she is to have sex lasting hours due to me not losing rigidity after each time I orgasm.

It boosted my self confidence no end and has been a significant reason for feeling my life has transformed so much.

Yes it isn’t the same as being able to have natural erections but it makes up for it in other ways!

Tam_user in reply to Mads1975

It’s really good that you can orgasm too!

Mads1975 in reply to Tam_user

Yes, I orgasmed 3 times within a 15 minute spell which was unbelievable!

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