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Orgasm and penile injection

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This is directed to those you like me has robotic prostate cancer surgery and therefore have a dry orgasm. How many of you have experienced orgasms ( dry one) after using penile injections? Either through masturbating or sex with a partner?

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No injections.

I used injections for years with great success and could orgasm quite well. Eventually, because my urinary incontinence was so severe, I had an urinary sling implanted and it failed so had an artificial spinchter implanted. Fortunately, it worked but the surgeries damaged more nerves in that area with the outcome being that the injections did not get me hard enough for penetration. I had a penis pump installed. Now, although I obviously can get as hard as a rock, the pleasurable sensation is only about twenty percent of normal. Sex is hardly worth the effort. A word of caution to those considering the male urinary sling: The surgeons won’t tell you, but you will lose an inch or more of penis length. And the damn thing can’t be removed because of tissue ingrowth.

There is no loss with the artificial spinchter or the pump.

Good luck to all.

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if I lose another inch or two, I would not be able to see my penis.

do not know. After injections, etc. I decided that penetrative sex was not that important to me.

Been through the same thing and think the same way

Use the injection. Orgasms are pretty normal for me. I have done both masterbation and penetrative sex.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy sex.

Hello, I archive “dry” orgasms with out any aid be it pill or injection. I view porn and jek off. I only achieve a semi erection.

Thanks for sharing.

My story is about like Miket218. prostate cancer/removal in 2019 . No bladder control. Urine leaked when trying to get erect and urine leaked during orgasm . Just few times it got partial erect . So in 2020 I had the male sling . didn’t help leaking .. and yes the surgeon said no loss of penis length..Wrong . loss of length happens .yep dad zone 43. my penis is gone . My new surgeon said she can’t make penis bigger but she can put AUS in and make me dry. Yes the sphincter helped me be dryer and now the orgasms are Dry.. and I think the pleasure is better .. pills help get me .. kind of hard .. surgeon said 3- 3 1/2 erection is adequate for sex.. not according to my wife..but yes dry orgasms feel good but my testicles/scrotum/penis is painful after. .p/t nurse said a lot nerve damage after 4 groin/genital surgery’s ..


To the OP, I have been using trimix since June 2019 (robotic prostatectomy October 2018). The viagra/sildenafil was not effective for me. I inject 1-2 times per week, great sex with my wife -- I always climax and reach orgasm (yes dry, and different than prior to surgery in terms of sensation). I try to achieve an erection with manual stimulation almost every day (without injecting) to gauge whether I will ever be able to have spontaneous, unassisted intercourse in the future. These practice sessions often conclude with amazing sensory-filled orgasms. And, yes erections are continuing to get stronger -- but not ready for penetration yet.

You can count me in as having tried trimix. Age 52 when I had R.A.L.P. Two previous hernia surgeries, one traditional and the other laparoscopic. Lots of scar tissue from the traditional. I never got down to the dosage of trimix that made me feel comfortable. Having to stick a needle into my dick does not exactly enhance the mood. Talk about a buzz killer. I have done the pump, the vibrator, and the afore mentioned trimix. I abandoned all of them. I can get semi hard and have orgasmed since a few months after my surgery. It is a different kind of orgasm then we men are used to. I think it is more like what women experience. Now that I am 10 years older, the best orgasms are fewer and farther apart.

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