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Hi ,im Oldeenglishbulldogge and im a little embarrassed to ask, but i have to, because im new to the group amd i need to know how to deal w this problem. I just had my prostate removed, just a little over a month ago amd ive been taking 5mg cialis for not even 2 wks. My penis only gets about half an erection, please can someone help me on how to solve this problem. Im 55 yrs old

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Hey, no need to have any embarrassment this is a common side effect after surgery, the only experience I have with this is my father developed prostate cancer when he was 37, he too had his prostate removed and suffered with ED, cialis, viagra and penis pump didn’t help him at all, he now has to inject his penis to obtain an erection, please have the courage to reach out to your gp or specialist team and discuss with them 👍🏽

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I am three years from radiation. No change. Sorry. I just accept that I am alive

There is no reason for you to get embarrassed, at least you have a genuine reason. At your age almost everyone in the world faces this problem. Discuss this with your GP, see if allows you to take a higher dose of the Cialis.


It takes time. Don't be embarrassed. Do kegel exercises several times per day. Your muscles will get stronger to help with incontinence and erections.

Hi Oldeen,

I had HRD Brachytherapy on 3/29/19 and now on 15th day of 30 on LDR treatments. I find doing kegels helps a whole lot.

Good luck,

Dan 58yo

Good to know, i didnt know keigels helped w erections. Thnx

How are you feeling w all that radiation that you are doing? And hope you are better soon.

27 of 30 so 3 more Rads treatments left next week. I was told that the side affects would come about the 3 or 4th week and it wasn't so bad. My prostate was a little swollen the whole time during treatment but was manageable. The worst part is the feeling of pressure from the SpaceOAR between my prostate and rectum.

My next PSA and DRE is 3 months after Radiation. I hope not to have to much anxiety till then.

Kiegels definitely does help I'm still maintaining a good erection during masturbation and Cialis 5mg daily helps the blood flow moving. And I take 20mg as needed.

Dan 58

Doing ok as expected. Prostate is a bit swollen and a little irritations in my urethra and rectum. These are side affects that should subside after treatment and healing time.

I would say be patient. It can take months for the nerves, traumatized during surgery--even "nerve sparing"--, to begin to work again. I didn't see improvement for about a year. Therefor, ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis won't help much until the nerves recover.

Wow, thats why the low dose cialis is not working, i was gonna ask the doctor about a higher dose. Do you if a pump will help and rhnx for the reply

I take Cialis 5mg daily and 20mg as needed. Some say with Viagra you can take 40 60mg as needed.

You can take up to 100mg of Viagra in one day, not just 40-60. Actual Viagra (not generic sildenafil 20mg) comes in 100mg tablets along with 50 and 25.

I hear you loud and clear. I had mine removed in October (almost 7 month ago at 63yo) and I too am having problems. I take 5mg of cialis and was also told to take 20m as needed. During the night, I think I start to get a partial erection, but cannot be sure. I also did not know that Kiegels helped. Seriously, I have read/heard/? that it can take a while. So you be patient and I promise I will be too. Never worry about being embarrassed on here, even though I sometimes have to type it too. These are a bunch of great guys going though all of this together.

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this is odd. I am not iwsurvive??? Unless it just created itself although my email is correct. odd.

Thnx so much man, i appreciate it ,i heard pumps help. I womder if anyone knows good pump recomendations

Absolutely no need to be embarrassed on this forum. All of us guys are in this together. It is kind of funny in that I had a hard time talking to my Urologist about sexual issues. I was never one to talk about personal sexual issues with my buddies. It was none of their business! Since I have been on this forum, I have been much more open than I would normally be. I think it is because we all learn from each other what this PC journey is all about. None of us would be here if not for PC.

I am one year post radical surgery, with almost all nerves spared. I take 5mg Ciallis twice a week. Just now I am getting to the point of having an erection that might work for intercourse. But even now, I need the kegels to keep from having some urine leakage. Keep a positive attitude, have patience and know that it takes a while to heal.

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