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How long to use ED pills

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Hi all

My name is Radj, am new here to the forum. I have question on ED pill usage

Can anyone tell me how longer is it safe to use ED pills, like Sidenafil. For eg. is it OK to use it on regular basis for few months or even few years. Can I take 4-6 pills every week for few years.

Would be interested to know for how long other people have used it



13 Replies
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Hi Radj, I’ve used Sildenafil 25mg once or twice a week for over 6 years.

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Radj_T in reply to Firsts

Thanks for clearing that up Firsts. Some follow-up questions, if you dont mind

1. Usually with most meds, with regular usage we get used to it and their effectiveness decreases over time. I guess that's not the problem with Sidenafil and I assume its working well for you even after 6 years.

2. Am guessing there are also no serious side effects, as you have been using it for long

3. Lastly, do you use prescription to buy this, just asking as many online pharmacies sell them with just an online questionnaire. Dont know to trust them or not



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Firsts in reply to Radj_T


I’ve been on the same low dose of 25mg (usual doseage is 50mg) and on most occasions it works fine. Occasionally I’ve been unable to get an erection but I think other factors contributed rather than the medication not being effective. You have to be sexually aroused for starters!!

I haven’t experienced any significant side effects others than occasional headache and stuffy nose.

I’m in the UK so I get a monthly repeat prescription from my GP and as I’m over 60 (I’m 61) these are free.

I also have an annual medication review with my GP and Sildenafil is is reviewed as part of this.

Hope this helps.

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Radj_T in reply to Firsts

Cheers Firsts, thats very useful !!

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Hi my friend Radj, I’ve used Cialis 20 mg every two days, I asked the some question to my doctor and he said no problem to use Sildenafil this way.

But I'am 53 years old and I had surgery to remove my prostate for a year and two month, that is the diference between you and me.

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Tewks in reply to Wcoelho

I used 100 mg twice a week for ten years. Now I'm using Trimix injections.

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Tewks in reply to Tewks

100 mg Viagra

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Radj_T in reply to Tewks

Thank you Tewks, thats useful !!

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Radj_T in reply to Wcoelho

Thank you Wcoelho, useful !!

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Hi Radja,

I've been taking Cialis for about 5 years now due to pain medication induced ED. I've recently been diagnosed with PCa Jan-2019. My Dr. then uped my Cialis to 20mg as needed and he suggested to do kiegel excercise 3x daily 10 reps for 10 seconds hold. I had HDR Brachytherapy Treatment on 3/29 and on my 16 of 30 LDR RAD treatments now. With the pain and rad*s I've uped my 20mg 2-3 times per week along with the 5mg daily. I'm also up to 30 reps and 20 to 30 seconds holds on my kiegel excercises. So, I would definitely recommend those excercise. And, I'm hoping to get back to just taking 5mg daily.

Good luck,

Dan 58yo

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Go get ED Protocol from here my friend told me about it, tried it and its working.

can't live on pills all your life

No man deserves to watch his manhood go limp.

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Borisbadenough in reply to prospn

You do every man a disservice posting this incorrect information

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Its is same as asking, how long ur not eating ur food. !! i hope it answers that

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