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4 days Post op penile implant

I am now 4 days postop. And I wonder why didn't I do this years ago. Minimal pain with procedure. Some swelling and bruising. Keep ice on as much as you can. Postop doc left me half inflated. So I walked around with an obvious chub in my shorts for 4 days. At first self conscious. Then, proud of it sticking out there and happy when people recognized that yes I still have a dick. Today he deflated me a bit. I go back in one week for stitches removal. Doc did promise me a blow job for Christmas. I asked if that was getting or giving. He laughed & said maybe both. He's a hot guy...but so str8.

Highly advocate for earlier implantation of penile prosthesis. Nothing to be afraid of.

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Update: last night I yawned and stretched really big and beared down which was a no no. I felt a sharp intense pain at the base of penis on the left. Now I feel a hard ridge and have severe pain when I touch it. Anyone know what I did? Is it F'ed up now? Waiting for Doctors office to open so I can call them.


Damn...hope everything is going ok πŸ˜‰


Great!! Hope you enjoy your Christmas present πŸ˜‚. Do you get a choice of size of the implant? Sensation?


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