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I have a 11year old son who is suffering from Epilepsy for the past 2

Years, it’s under control I would say –I just want to find out if anyone knows of a monitor sold in South Africa which I can use in his room to Alert me when he is having an Epilepsy attack as he is sleeping in his own room.

Any information will help please im new @ this and lost @ most of the time.

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Hi Cinda, Glad to hear your 11 year old son is under control. I suggest you speak to your GP or Neurologist in this regard. I am sure he/she would have an idea where to obtain a monitor from. If no joy from them, then I suggest a local pharmacy or do a "google search" and see what comes up. All the best and keep us posted.


Hi. I have been searching for one for 10 year old. Checked google and found

Nothing in SA. I am going to try a baby monitor with a video monitor. Best we

Could come up with.



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