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Epilepsy South Africa
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Epilepsy and accessing disability grant

Hi everyone, i would like to know if you can apply for a disability grant when you have epilepsy. I've been to a social worker from my local clinic who told me i cannot receive disability grant since epilepsy is regarded as a chronic illness and not a disability. however i have been diagnosed with epilepsy for 10 years and i lost my job due to rapid seizures. What other means can be done to access government grants to make ends meet.

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This grant thing makes me angry because people who dont really need it they're getting it, but people who really need it are not getting it...SASSA is not doing a great job especially those doctor's they recruited they tell you that you will recover go get a job...can we fight this guys please


Hi my daughter stays in Gauteng and has been recieving a disability grant for years now because she is epileptic. Of course it is a disability. She is also getting her medication from the clinic


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