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Epilepsy and accessing disability grant

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Hi everyone, i would like to know if you can apply for a disability grant when you have epilepsy. I've been to a social worker from my local clinic who told me i cannot receive disability grant since epilepsy is regarded as a chronic illness and not a disability. however i have been diagnosed with epilepsy for 10 years and i lost my job due to rapid seizures. What other means can be done to access government grants to make ends meet.

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This grant thing makes me angry because people who dont really need it they're getting it, but people who really need it are not getting it...SASSA is not doing a great job especially those doctor's they recruited they tell you that you will recover go get a job...can we fight this guys please

Hi my daughter stays in Gauteng and has been recieving a disability grant for years now because she is epileptic. Of course it is a disability. She is also getting her medication from the clinic

I fought for years for a Disability Grant from SASSA; I have had epilepsy for 45 years! What a performance! Eventually, the Government Hospital I was under gave me a strong letter to make application. I was then sent by SASSA to one of their Assessment Officers who authorises whether you 'are disabled' or not. I was told to have a fit right in front of them, and that epilepsy was not a disability! Two so-called Doctors questioned me, and had no knowledge whatsoever on epilepsy! I produced medication as requested and was told to wait for a decision from SASSA. Due to my fighting this, and reporting it back to the Doctor, they finally approved one for 6 months. Once the 6 months is over, one has to re-apply right from the beginning if one wants to have it renewed! It is ridiculous how the disabled people get treated by SASSA!

Once one turns 60, one gets an Old Age Grant. If one was receiving a Disability Grant prior, don't think you get 2 grants, i.e. Old Age and Disability Grant together. They then tell you you're not entitled to Disability Grant as you are due for Old Age Grant.

Many are given grants that don't deserve them; there is constant fraud and it's a nightmare!

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