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I'm not allowed to speak out loud because im epileptic and my condition is under control.

My proposal is being taken for granted because I'm an intern?

And then you tell me Epilepsy SA is for epileptic people?

My voice is being shutdown because i know no one from this campaign.

Well you're all wrong im gonna shout out loud until im heard and something is done about my views. Epileptic im a human ive got as any of you normal people, im not possessed with evil spirity.

I'm created very unique with a fabulous brain that can do mysterious thing... I'm very creative and very unique. Epilasy SA If you have to take me to jail then go ahead for the people you hired are not doing a great job. South Africa must be filled with epilepsy campaigns all over the 9 provinces .

If i have to build a shack everywhere and teaching people about my uniqueness then i will. none of you will stand in my way.

I refuse to be shut down because of empty promises.

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Boitumelo, I feel exactly the same. People seem to be afraid of us in a strange way. They should rather do some reading up about the condition before they judge us with a disability like epilepsy. Many think it's something evil. I am 41 years old, was diagnosed aged 11 & the only people who accept me for who I am & my condition are in other countries, such as the UK, USA, New Zealand etc. What is going on in SA? My country of birth & that I should be proud of being a citizen?? No wonder so many people of all races are immigrating.

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