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i remember before we used to have bracelets that where unique to make people that we are epileptic why has that changed though? coz we cant afford watch dogs and other devices can some please tell me me what happened coz now if im an orphan and epileptic i get seizures how will people help if they are not notified by anything on me about my condition? EpilepsySA I need your help here

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Nothing has changed. These bracelets are still available and can be purchased from MedicAlert (

I use a CrisisOnCall bracelet. It has a toll free number on the outside, and as soon as emergency services arrive it is removed by them. It has a barcode inside which they scan, & all my medical details, as well as contact details for family are registered. Many people just trust CrisisOnCall more as they respond quicker than government emergency services.


Hi Boitumelo92,

Medic Alert South Africa do a great selection of bracelets and I was a member of them for several years. I have since relocated and am now a member of Medic Alert UK.

They charge you a membership fee, which is extra to the bracelet and all details are recorded on their database. One has the choice to have a reference/member number and emergency telephone number engraved on the bracelet, whereby anyone that finds you can phone them and find out your medical information.

My bracelet has been my lifesaver during the 45 years I have had epilepsy.

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