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Good day

I have a 10 year old daughter that has epilepsy she is currently on 800mg of Epilim. She would be so normal and next minute she is unconscious. She does not remember what happens to her it takes a while for her to regain consciousness and after that her entire body aches she has problem breathing she is very uncomfortable. I would like to know what can I do to help her.

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Good morning,

Your experience of the realities of epilepsy is (sadly) not unusual. Many parents of children with epilepsy do not receive the necessary information and/or training to assist their children. We would like to invite you to make contact directly with the nearest Branch of Epilepsy South Africa for support, advice and assistance. Your post does not indicate where you are based, but if you call 0860EPILEPSY you will be automatically connected with the Branch closest to you.

Please also remember the importance of preparing a list of questions to discuss with your neurologist during your next visit.

You may also find some of the information available on our website ( useful, particularly the section on children with epilepsy.



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