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My epileptic daughter is now 19 turning 20 in September. she was attending special school in Bloemfontein. She is a down syndrome child. she has however completed her learning there two years ago. She is currently not doing anything. She needs to move to a school where she can be able to do some activities. We don't want her to go to a home but rather a school where she will learn skills. Does any one know of a special school where I can apply for her.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Mpasi,

    Thank you for your post... Glad to hear your daughter completed her learning at the special school she was in. Naturally, you are worried and don't want to put her into a home, but to learn skills.

    I am in KZN but don't know of anywhere that might be of assistance. I suggest you maybe contact Epilepsy South Africa and see if they have any advice.

    Keep strong for yourself and your daughter!



  • Thanks

  • Hi Mpasi,

    Thank you for message... Sorry, didn't realize you were posting from Epilepsy South Africa.

    Karen Robinson is a great person to contact there and may be able to help.

    Let me know the outcome.


  • Hi. Sorry for only replying now please indicate if you still need assistance Mpasi as we have a Branch in Free State that can possibly assist.

  • Sorry for the delay. I still need assistance in this regard

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