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Unknown fits ..??

My son who is 15 was born with trisomy 21was a happy and lovely child, Untill his age 14. I had to leave him with a care taker for 6months due to my work. after he starts suffering from non epilepsy or un known like a seizure condition when he sleeps at nite multiple times and during day time naps.also unexpected sounds he get scared and trumatic shaking his lags and fall down. MRI,CT,EEG doesnt show any epilepsy ?but he was given keppra and,colabozam ?after the events he say his chest pains?Doctors are not helpful atall but as a mum I suffering vary badly .I stop going to work all day and nights Me and him in terrible stuation .Can any body please guide me or advice me in this regards ?I dont know if is Non Epilepsy seizure ?any other psychological syndrome. but I see is not a jock he cant controls him self when it comes and it last for like 30sec to 2 minutes then back to normal keep repeated multiple times during the day and nights ..plz help me..thanks .

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