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The clinic throw me out because of me having my service dog with me

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The clinic I got to says there is no such thing as a epilepsy service dog and they refused to help me and they throw me out but my dog picks up when I get a epilepsy fit why are they so mean

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I am sick and tired of ignorant official. Disgusting that they treated you like that. Love your dog as it is amazing it helps you. Get onto the internet and copy any article you can see that you can give those ignorant stupid officials. Stick to your guns. Epilepsy is nothing to be ashamed of. Walk talk.

That is definitely not on. As a matter of interest, did you take your dog for special training?

I been training her and I have no transport to go the place and I'm on sassa they very expensive and she been picking up all my black outs and senzers from the first day I got her and when I get a fit she fetches my husband

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Where are you based and where did this happen?

Dunnottar and the Dunnottar clinic mental health side

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I believe that is in the NIgel area? Where was your dog trained? To the best of my knowledge such dogs are not trained in South Africa.

It near Dunnottar and there another lady train her Own dog for same stuff and she still in training my husband is training her he been do that throw YouTube videos about training her

Nokuthela Ngwenya Community Health Centre

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We would really like to get in contact with this organisation to find out more about their training programme.

To get back to your original question - because seizure alert dogs are not available in South Africa, they do not have the same status as other service dogs (e.g. guide-dogs). This is why we would like to learn more.

I am impressed that you do respond. I am so unimpressed with the support given to this group. I would dearly love to know more about these dogs please for my friend.

I'm also busy getting more information on this and it bull that there no centre that do this training my husband doing it and he trying to help me to get her registered as one in South Africa but because it not a south Africa thing as they say it so hard for me and I can't always have my husband with me 24/7 it unfair to him and to get a service dog people just throw me out of places because it a dog even when I tell them it a service dog

Nicky the administration are actually answering you. Try and get them involved and get your dog certified it is important to do this for your safety and the dog. People don’t understand the importance of your animal. Otherwise put a disc on its collar perhaps?

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EpilepsySAPartner in reply to Tonapo2018

We have an electronic library with information available about a range of topics. If you have specific questions, please email and we will forward this to you.

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LilysMom in reply to EpilepsySA

Is there anything that you (or we, as patients and caregivers) can do to rectify this? What would it take to get a seizure alert dog registered in SA? Is there a process in place? Would be grateful for your advice.

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Unfortunately seizure alert dogs are not recognised in South Africa as they are not formally trained. A few years ago Epilepsy South Africa investigated the feasibility of setting up such a facility and the initial cost was about R4million!

this makes me feel so useless and freak and ugly.... i really have no life because of this i cant go any where i hope this one lady i find can help me if not then i dont know

I have 2 Jack Russells, of which the daddy of the 2 has epilepsy as well. Very rarely does he have any fits or seizures, but in the event of me having a seizure neither one of the 2 allow anybody near me to help - not even my parents! Somehow both my doggies - even though small - manage to turn me on my side & doing the best they can to help me, just like a human being. Neither of the 2 have had any training yet they act as if they have. They stay with me for the time that I'm unconcious, and when they feel or see that I'm slowly regaining conciousness they start howling & licking me all over - even along the sides of my face. The strangest thing is that neither one has had any training.

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Mickey3010 in reply to BoytjieD

Mine does the same

Don’t give up. You are in the right.

My 2 Jack Russells are the best. The daddy of the 2 also suffers with epilepsy (during sleep only), however they are both extremely protective over me. As small as they are that in the event of me suffering a Grand Mal seizure they turn me on my side & do exactly as if they were trained to do so. They lay down by my side & don't allow anybody near me - NOT EVEN MY PARENTS who I live with. When they see that I seem to be starting to wake up slowly, they lick my neck, ears & forehead. They even help me sit up straight - as small as they are!

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Epilepsy service dogs are not generally available in South Africa. Please call the nearest Branch of Epilepsy SA on our toll free number - 0860EPILEPSY.

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