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Epilepsy Research Task

My younger sister has focal epilepsy and in order to try and understand more about epilepsy, I have made it the topic of my Matric Life Science’s Research Task. Please could you answer some questions so that I can get information?

Many epileptics suffer from impairing side effects due to using usual epilepsy medication. Ideally, there should be a form of treatment that has very few side effects while still minimalizing seizures. Through advances in modern medicine and new, unconventional drugs being created; there must be an effective combination of medication or therapy that prevents seizures without affecting the epileptic.

Through my research, I aim to find exactly this. Please could you send me answers to some questions (if you have a child with epilepsy, please answer on his/her behalf?):

1.What kind of epilepsy do you have?

2.Please describe what you experience during a seizure?

3.How often do you get seizures?

4.What medication/therapy are you currently taking/undergoing?

5.Please list the side effects of the medication/therapy and give an opinion on how effective the medication/therapy is?

6.Please list any previous medications/forms of treatment you have taken as well as their side effects and effectiveness.

7.Please list potential treatment options that you have heard of that are rather unconventional?

Thanks again.

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Hi NimiB,

Thank you for your post and for trying to find out more about epilepsy. I hope your sister is stable at the moment and not undergoing too much trauma during this episode. I don't know how old she is, or how long she has had epilepsy, but you are very welcome to contact me via my email address for me to give you some answers (lesmal@vodamail.co.za).

I have had epilepsy for 41 years now which have changed over the years, and am happy to help as much as I can.

I am also on Facebook where I run my own Page, and available on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep your sister strong and positive!


1. Temporal Lobe

2. I always have some sort of aura before hand, similar to a minor electric shock. We I actually have my seizure I am completely out so don't know what happens in that time until I start coming around. I am usually confused, tired and just want to sleep.

3. I only have about one a year - I was placed on medication which almost completely controlled my condition.

4. Medication: Epitec and Convulex

5. No side effects - the new generation medications tend to target the problem area.

6. Tegretol, Phenobarbitone, Epilim, ... The combinations I used to take did have a slowing effect on me, which was a problem. These are still very good medications and widely used. one needs to bear in mind that we all are different and have different metabolisms, lifestyles, etc. so medications, will react differently to other people. I my case they may have had a slowing effect but they may not impact on others in the same way or they may have an even worse effect on others so they will vary from person to person. It is important for people with epilepsy to be diagnosed by a Neurologist as they will be able to identify the focal point of their seizures better and prescribe the necessary treatments. After all they are the specialists.

7. Neurosurgery , there are alternative complimentary therapies that one can follow to supplement medication, such as yoga, Omega 3, Selenium E, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, acupuncture, bio-kinetics, chiropractor, etc.

Anything that can relieve stress as well as epilepsy is stress related and maintain drinking water - dehydration can be a trigger.

I have loads of other infor if you need.



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