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Please,could someone explain an Atypical Complex Partial Seizure

Hi. My son`s DR said he is having Atypical Complex partial seizures. Saturday night he had two within a few hours of each other and 1 last week which wasn't to bad. DR changed his Meds last week from Epilim to Topamax.

I know the change could have sparked them. But goodness they are not nice to see. He looked so scared. Thank the Lord he cannot remember a thing.



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Sorry to hear the news of your son. Please be patient with the new medication and allow it to get into his system. I hope this will work for him. Epilim has many side effects and I refused to take it in the end due to allergic reactions, behaviour changes and more. Let him settle on Topamax for at least a month. Keeping fingers crossed this one will work!


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