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Spent 5 weeks in a specialist Epilepsy Hospital and wrote a poem at one of my lowest points.

Trapped in my Body. When you know what's capable, But your body won't give. Whe...

Long term effect of anticonvulsants with cognitive functioning

Is there any evidence that the long term use of anti epileptic meds has an effec...

Sodium valproate and contraception

On Wednesday, I attended a consultation with my daughter's neurologist and epile...

simple/complex focal/partial seizures - epilepsy. Every scan known to man with no positive proof.

I'm new here. What kind of epilepsy is this? If it even is epilepsy. HELP. I kno...

Keppra slow release, possible?

I only started taking Keppra on 22nd September 2018, but I were just wondering i...
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