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Is there any recommended specialist centres in the UK?

I have had epilepsy for 10 years and have never gone more than a year before having a seizure. They always occur in winter months when the mornings are dark and they always happen in early mornings usually before 7am within the first 30 minutes of waking. Because they are only annual they are not deemed severe enough for consultants to get their teeth into and find myself being repeatedly fobbed off with a medication increase. Im now on a maximum dose of Keppra and the last increase had to be done by a consultant as it was beyond the BNF recommended dosage. I now rarely admit to having seizures as I cannot surrender my driving license again. I have done this twice and delayed starting driving for several years. The seizures make me fearful of early mornings and I dred them. The impact on my life is really taking its toll. I would be prepared to surrender my license and have seizures induced if it means long term reliefe. So far I have been given no advice on this and do not know what to do. Does anyone know of a reputable or good Dr or specialist that may be able to take me on? I am happy to go private if it means an end to this.

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I know how you must feel, some years back i kept having fits first thing in the morning and figured out after a while that i had to make sure i got enough sleep,and most importantly was to allow myself time to wake up slowly and not rush about,,just have breakfast etc at a steady pace.

I would recommend letting your doctor know as much information as possible about your fits (by telling him/her exactly how many fits you have and when)as the patient/doctor trust is usually a step towards helping to find the right treatment for you.

I have never been able to hold a driving license so in my books your a very lucky person to be driving.(I would rather be alive and not be able to drive)!

All the best,hope this helps e-in-me.


Hi Add2103

e-in-me has offered you some very useful advice. But I’m not entirely sure I understand your situation. If you would like to talk about it some more, maybe you could ring our Epilepsy Helpline freephone number, 0808 800 5050?

Advice and Information Team

Epilepsy Action


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