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Seizure Feelings ~~~


Heya guys :) I was just wondering if anyone else feels floaty/lightheaded a few days after they have a seizure? I had a tonic clonic on Thursday and I still feel a bit strange and just not really with it! EPILEPSY IS THE WOOOORRST!

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Hi areyouwellhen

I hope you are feeling better today. Many people do feel not quite right following a tonic-clonic seizure. How long this lasts is individual but it can take up to a week or more to fully recover.

Take it easy



Advice and Information team

Thanks for the reply :) this seizure just kind of wrecked my buzz a bit but I guess onwards and upwards x


Yes this happens to me sometimes, I even get an aura sometimes for a couple of days after having a seizure, though it doesnt lead to another seizure.

Hope this helps

Hi there, very fortunately I don’t have seizures often but when I do recovery can take two weeks or more. Tired, slow (physically and mentally ) and emotional. Someone elsewhere on this site has suggested people who have infrequent seizures can take longer to recover.

areyouwellhen in reply to GillyA

Oh ok! I don't have seizures frequently, before last week the last one I had was in June. This one just set me back a bit, it can be hard not to freak out all the time haha

Thank you man! Yeah like I just feel spacey and not really present and deja vu is happens more, it's the fear of having a seizure constantly.

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