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Brain Surgery


Hi there dont know if anyone has had brain surgery or not. I've had it and thought my seizures were gone. Went back to work then again gradmal seizuer happened. After that I was back in square one again. All that surgery done left part of my brain was removed. My memory now is so bad. Names things to do if not written down now it wont get done. Im always on my computer with this kind of issue. Has anyone gone threw this and still work. Also brain surgery thanks a lot...

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What you are going through I know all to well. I also had a brain surgery with the removal of my left portion. My memory has been worse since as well. I am unable to get things done completely unless I have a list in front of me. My seizures came back which caused my lack of focus making working more difficult. Had to work less do to this. So I know where you are coming from. Stay strong. 👍🏻

Yes memory makes me mad, terrible cant work.

I know. It is really a life changer. Hang in there though. Try and exercise your brain as I do. Such as constantly reminding yourself until it is officially remembered and a reminder is no longer of need. As much as work on memory skills to improve.

I have got a variety of epilepsy and then had a brain tumour in my left temperal lobe, luckily all the tumour was removed but I still have epilepsy and my memory was awful, I had to learn to speak in sync with my thoughts and learn to read and write again but I got there eventually, my memory still isn't good though and the neurologist said it won't get any better so the best thing for me is to keep doing things that will help like crosswords, jigsaws etc l have to write anything I want to ask at the drs etc and ask them to write their answers and info down for me or I'll forget much of what they said.

I was working as a computer programmer at the time so I couldn't work anymore and haven't worked on computers since because I can't remember how to do it so that was 4 years of studying down the toilet!!

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