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Left sided loss of feeling

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Following a brain haemorrhage, neurosurgery and recovery from LT sided hemiplegia in '96, I developed grand mal epilepsy with tonic clonic seizures. Horrible!!!! Thankfully it's become petit mal type but is weird.

Is it usual to have ones that cause loss of feeling (not movement) down the whole left side? It's accompanied by my usual headache up at top right of head where surgery was had and sometimes I feel a heaviness in my chest an I always get panic stricken.

Triggers are typically stress, over stimulation of any type, tiredness.

Would love to hear from someone, Sharon

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing petit mal attacks, but am glad to hear the tonic clonic attacks have subsided.

The effects you are going through can happen, especially as you have had neurosurgery and more. Anxiety, stress and tiredness are amongst many of the side effects experienced during a seizure, obviously depending on the type of epilepsy one has, and also what part of the brain has been affected.

If they happen too often, my suggestion would be to contact your doctor or Neurologist for further discussions and/or treatment.

All the best, and keep us posted.



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Thanks for your reply Les.

Everything you said is exactly my problem and think I really ought to get referred back to a neurologist, a different one too as my previous one wasn't very compassionate lol.

The attacks are scary and sometimes I think I'm having a transient ischaemic attack! I was hospitalised a year ago with exactly that as a ?diagnosis. The onslaught was so intense and prolonged. Unlike any I've had before.

Kind regards, Sharon

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Many thanks for response. Please get a 2nd opinion from another Neurologist who at least can help.

All seizures whether petit mal or tonic clonic are frightening, as one has no idea what's happening, and they also drain the system.

Keep me posted and let me know the outcome.

All the best!


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Hi Sharon,

Please keep the strength up and do not quit!

I have had epilepsy now for 42 years and it is a long procedure of patience, willpower and understanding. One must be patient with the doctors and medications. Some medications are not the correct ones, or dosages are not correct... It is a matter of trying what suits one in the end. Have the willpower to remain positive and go forward... Do not be shy to ask for another opinion as you are entitled to do so. Understand that others are with you in this ordeal and are here to chat to when in times of need.

Hi Sharon, my fits started at the age of 16,grand mal,then years later they got quite bad and a tumour was found and removed.Since the surgery i'v had similar symptoms and also find this not just annoying but because of the surgery scar tissue.It has now become part of my life because nothing can be done about it.Try to remain positive cos it might just go away!

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for your reply Andy, I'm really sorry to hear about your ordeal. How scary! Great the tumour has been removed. You experience the same thing as I do too? Definitely due to the scar tissue. It's helpful what you said about it just being part of your life and try to remain positive. That's exactly what I ought to try and do instead of being scared and insecure.

Thank you for your boost! Sharon x

yes i had that too just as i got into bed once, it started in my "female bits" and then started at one end of my body on the left side (either my feet or head, i can't remember) and spread gradually to the other end of my body and then slowly went away in the same pattern, i've also had it at other times on my left side to a lesser degree - i have various other weird things happen depending on which side of the brain is short circuiting at the time. Feel free to ask if you want any more info

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That sounds really strange and scary for you. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with it. Have you been to see someone about it? What is it, is it epileptic? Horrorible isn't it, like you're having a stroke! I've got to wait until June but think I should ask for an earlier appointment.

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its not too bad, thankfully the one sided thing has only happened a few times and was scary the first time is happened, i just have small ones now of varying sorts (all partial seizures) and its a bit scary when they come one after the other but since I've been on the gosarelin implants to kill my hormones (endometriosis) the epilepsy is tons better too - when it went in a pattern up and down my body i believe its known as a jacksonian march, theres more info about partial seizures here epilepsy.org.uk/info/seizur...

Like to hear a bit about you

Alfie from Birmingham

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