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Liver tests with AEDs?



I’ve been living with epilepsy for around 18 years and have been taking Keppra and Clobazam for around 16 (1000mg and 10mg respectively, everyday). A colleague of mine who also has epilepsy said I should be having regular liver this correct? I rarely hear from my doctor about my condition save a phone call to ask if the meds are working (which they do). Just curious really. Also, anyone quite lethargic off these drugs? I’m quite a tired person generally but lately it’s been a lot worse.

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You should be getting an ‘annual general blood test that will check your liver, kidneys function etc’.

I have to ask for mine now during every annual Epilepsy review or they wouldn’t bother. They used to do it automatically each year, but not any more.

Just ask at your surgery counter or make an app to see the nurse or doctor. But ask first, it may be as simple as seeing one of the nurses for it. It depends on the surgery. Just say please can I have my annual general blood test to check liver, kidneys etc. I’m sure they’ll arrange it.

Incidentally, you’ll probably have to phone up asking for the results, as my surgery no longer phone me.

Perhaps I should be getting this blood test more than once a year? Not sure? Perhaps you’ll find out and let me know!

Keep well! All the best.

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Great thanks Pam, I’ve never given it any thought but became a yoga teacher a year ago and became very conscious about all the drugs I’m on. I’ll give them a call and hopefully the nurse with suffice as trying to get a GP appointment is a nightmare!

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That’s great you’re a yoga teacher, but don’t think of yourself on a load of drugs- compared to those around us, who are on all sorts of junk and crap food. We probably look after ourselves (no option there) far better than they ever will.

So smile, we’re the healthier ones!

Hi I've been taking Keppra for over 15 years now I do get tired and also struggle to lose weight which I've been told are normal side effects.

I used to have regular blood tests every 12 months with no problems. I am lucky to have now been dis charged from the hospital with no indications that I need anymore blood tests.

Obviously you're on more than just 1 medication though so it may be the other one causing your problems although I will say that each medication affects people differently.

Thanks for sharing. I’m going to ask for some tests as I’ve literally never had any and I feel that’s odd with being on lifelong medication. Great news that you’ve been discharged!

It is odd and also ask your GP for adcal as some epilepsy medication can cause bones to thin so we need extra calcium I only found this out about 7 years ago after being tested for bone density which is normally tested through the blood tests so please make sure you ask about them 👍

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