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Some Things that have have helped my son have less seizures.

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As a mum and carer to my 38 year old son who has grand mal epilepsy and learning disabilities. I thought I would share some information. At my request 3 years ago my son stopped wearing his much loved nylon football shirts. I also changed his bedding to 100% pure cotton and linen. His quilt is feather (from IKEA) his mattress has a cotton cover (ikea) The reason being he had the worse seizure I had ever witnessed and as he has been taking his medication I knew there had to be something more I could do. We also changed our diets, no more cows milk, we use almond, organic veg meat and fish.. We don't have carpets as again they cause "static" most contain nylon of some description. We do not have florescent lights at home either, as I discovered that was another trigger. We had nothing to lose by trying. 3 years later and he has not had a a full seizure he has had a few "warnings" some triggered by cyclists flashing lights, others by stress related situations. Four years ago he was having a full seizure at the minimum of one a month. I do not believe it is just a coincidence. I believe our life style changes have kept the seizures at bay. I plan on starting a petition to make the flashing lights illegal again, like they where a few years ago. As I know from experience, there are many types of epelepsy, there are also many more triggers.

If the Information helps just one person with epilepsy then I am happy 😊..

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Oo wow I’m sorry about that my seizures are caused my stress I don’t have food triggers and I’m taking epitol and have since I was a kid I hope your son recovers

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Hi Cody, thank you, my son will never recover, but we are keeping the seizures at bay for the moment. My reasoning is that by no longer eating processed food, he is not putting the chemicals used for the processing into his system. Food was never a trigger for him. But it is possible that a mixture of things could have been a trigger. Stress is Also a major one for him. So I try as hard as I can to make his life stress free.

I too suffer from epilepsy and learning disabilities and I have been having quite a lot of seizures just lately but I don't know what could be causing them.

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Tova-uk in reply to Robb13L33

Have you had a epilepsy review with your doctor? That's one thing you should do. Do you get a "warning" just before?

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Yeah I get a weird dizzy feeling before but it’s super quick and scary

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Hi Robb, do you have any witnesses? Sometimes they can notice things you might not be aware of, if they are willing to give you some notes that you could present to your Specialist, that might also help.

Hi , I'm 39 and suffer with all the different types of epilepsy , have learning disabilities and have become immune to my meds . I honestly don't know why this is happening and the seizures are just getting worse . Apparently my head has twisted further round than what anyone's could usually do , the tonic clonics and even spoke Arabic to my partner . I hope your son improves and your stress and worries are reduced considerably .

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I am so sorry you have become immune to the medication, I am not a expert on epilepsy, I do know that there a many things that can cause them, and in my sons case it is usually it is a mix of things that trigger them. I hope you get some help with getting them under control

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Glad to hear there is an improvement for your son... I am allergic to wheat, dairy and protein and monitor my foods also depending on my seizures and how it has affected me in the past. I have had epilepsy now for 45 years and tried to cut out all sorts from my diet; nothing worked at first. Stress is a major factor, flashing lights, watching TV, fluorescent lighting and also working on the PC for too long without a break. The heat affects me, together with chemicals i.e. washing powders, dishwashing liquids, perfume, color and many more; these all have a reaction to the medication I use. I just re-located from South Africa to UK and have found the weather pattern here so much better; no tonic clonic seizures for a year! Hanging in there with you all!

Thank you, welcome to the UK :).. Just like you the heat also affects my son. If he gets a temperature that will also bring on a seizure. I am pleased that your diet has helped. I am also pleased the climate is better for you as well.. One of biggest changes for my son was when we switched to using only natural fabrics.. He sleeps better I think that helps too.

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Cotton is best... Polyester fabric hits me and I don't know why... I am allergic to most fabrics, apart from cotton.

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Polyester or polycotton both produce static, so that could be why.. Just my theory...

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Am sure you are right. Keep strong for your son. Hope he is doing better.

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