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I've been taking sertraline for 5 weeks, the first four I felt amazing. I went for the 4 week review and told gp how rosy every thing was. Since going I've got more and more depressed. I can feel myself slipping back into the mind set I had before starting the antidepressants. 

I should be really happy as my epilepsy is controlled with new medication and it is four 1/2 months until I get my license back yet I feel so down .Has anyone else felt this way?

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I also take Sertraline and also Lamotrigine for my epilepsy. I do still get dark times but Sertraline seems to work okay most of the time. It hasn't ever made me feel fantastic, has just kept me fairly stable. I do think not having to work anymore (I have MS) helps my mood

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Hello, thank you for replying. I'm pleased it has helped you a little bit. Could I just ask the dosage you take? 



I hope you’re feeling a little better in yourself. If not, it may be good to talk to your doctor.

If you’re take your sertraline for depression, you may wish to look at our information on epilepsy and depression.


We also have information on how taking care of our wellbeing can help. This simply means taking some steps to looking after your body and mind. This usually involves having a healthy diet, getting quality sleep, being active, and including mindfulness techniques to manage stress. It may be that this approach could be of help to you. We have more details in the wellbeing section of our website: epilepsy.org.uk/info/wellbeing



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