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3 cheers for UCLH endo centre

After having had a not so good initial appt with a nurse a few months ago I saw Mr Pandis today. Went straight in on time too. Was rather wrong footed to see the actual consultant and he had read my notes! Such a different but good experience. He really listened and explained options to me. So now on waiting list for another lap as he very tactfully suggested that prev surgeon was not experienced enough and should have excised rather than lasered my endo. Such a relief to find someone believing me and that I can have confidence in. Why don't GP's know to refer to Specialist Centres!!!! Feel like I've wasted a few years in the wilderness but hopefully now will get sorted.

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Hi there

i'm glad you finally found a good endo centre and doctor. Mr Pandis is also my gynaecologist (I see him privately though in Harley street). He is a great doctor and great person too. Nothing negative to say for him.

Just to reassurance you that you are in the best hands and you will get the best possible treatment and he is right, excision is a key to success for endo not coming back as endo can be removed completely (in most cases). Laser only burns the surface but not the root.

Wishing you all the best and good luck with your lap xx


That's great news! He is such a nice man and so understanding. I couldn't believe it when I met him, compared to my last gynae.


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