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Does anyone know if a bad reaction to Depovera rules out endometriosis?

I have had back pain since my teens - worse around my period - recently it has become chronic (most days) and the doctor has finally agreed to refer me for a laparoscopy, but she thinks as I have reacted badly to depo (permanent breakthrough bleeding and pain not much improved) they won't find anything - does anyone have experience of this? I have reacted quite well to cutting out wheat and sugar and when I was pregnant my back was perfect most of the way through so I am still pretty convinced its endo.

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I had the depo injection and had a lot of bleeding (bled every day for about 8 of the 12 weeks cycle) and still had some moderate pain, but not as bad pain as I normally get! With the mini-pill (similar drug system) I bled every day and had constant mild-moderate pain. Two years later the lap revealed that I had extensive active endo (and had done for years and years!).

Good luck with your lap x


Hi Cloudyrain thanks for answering me - I am on second lot of depo and been bleeding for 9 weeks now but yes the pain is not as bad as if I have a 'normal period' - just using the TENS machine seems to be hitting the spot most days. I hope the lap gives me an answer as has been a long and frustrating process even getting to this stage - although I realise that it is not the end of the road. Just want to have an answer at this point as having been fobbed off by various range of medical types as having unexplained back pain ("hey try these painkillers") for the last 20 years has not been jolly.

I hope you are OK at the moment. xx


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