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More prostap injections, MRI scan and another op

Hi Girlies,

Hope you are all well!!

I went back to see my consultant today as I finished my prostap injections a few weeks ago now and he has decided to put me back on them for another 6months with the HRT and booked me in for a follow up appointment in 6months to have a MRI scan done and to have another op done as he thinks the endo is deep in my pelvis.

If it is deep in my pelvis will he be able to reach it doing key hole or will it have to be done another way?

Also has anyone had 2 lots of prostap injections and when finished did the pain stay away longer than a couple of weeks? When I finished my first lot of injections the pain returned vertually straight away.

Will the MRI scan be able to pick up where the endometriosis is?

Thanks girlies xx

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Hey. I can't answer all your questions sorry but I had an MRI after my lap last year which showed I have deep infiltrating endometriosis. Endo doesn't always show on an MRI but it can do in some cases. If your surgeon is an endo specialist he should be able to do the surgery as a laparoscopy and still remove all of it :)


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