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Does anyone else get these attacks? Every month I get horrendous cramps lasting about 20 minutes, then I am left with a dull ache?

I can get blurred vision and can even pass out. I was diagnosed with endo 2004 and have been luck enough to go on and have two babies, my youngest 3.5 and since my laparoscopy in 2004 never had any symptoms, until now this is, is it back? Do I need to go back on my medication? Also is it just a coincidence that my implant needs removing in 3 days? Any advice greatly appreciated xx

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Are you getting these when you are on a period, or when you are ovulating between period bleeds?

It certainly sounds like an ovulation pain can feel. I'd get a sudden sharp stabbing pain, enough to buckle me over sometimes, then after a few minutes may be another or just the one, but afterwards it cramps a bit and aches and I might get a bit of a bleed or just spotting but not always. Then it calms down till the a period arrives.

My sis doesn't have endo, I do, but both of us could always tell when we ovulated, which side and which month would be twins !!

If the cramps are happening when you are actually on your period, count yourself lucky the cramps ease off after 20 minutes, mine last for days, even with lots of pain killers. There is no respite once it gets going, that me written off for few days every month.

If you haven't yet had a scan, that speak to your GP to check for cysts or any other obvious swellings that might account for a sudden cramp when you mid way on a period.


Hi thanks for your reply, these cramps come about 10 days ish before my period is due, no bleed till the period then wosh heavy crampy, horrible time xx


Thought as much... each time the ovary prepares a egg for hatching it grows bigger in a cyst or blister of fluid, usually a small one, then it has to pop to release the egg, and depending on how big the bubble is, how thick the coating is, how sentitive the nerve endings nearby are, and any endo or adhesions in the neighbourhood, that pop is to all intents and purposes a small cyst exploding, And it happens with every ovulation, in the early years you probably do not actually feel it happen when it does, as you get older whether you have endo or not, kids or not, most women do tend to develop some kind of feeling of it happening over time, and for some of us it is a very noticeable sensation. No need for keeping a temperature chart to know when you have ovulated when trying to conceive, with a sudden explosion like that going on down below.

If my memory is right, I started noticing this in my early 20s and the symptoms did get more intense over the years. by my late 30s early 40's is when the spotting would happen too in the day or two after the pop.


Hi I agree totally with impatient sounds like ovulation as mine is at its worse around ten days before when it feels like I'm being stabbed with a knife! It can go on and off all day or for a couple of days then more general aching cramping pains the rest of time. Although its worse now these sudden sharp pains that took my breath away was why I insisted that they were not normal pains. It maybe that if your implants have been working and need changing that its kept it under control but definitely tell your doctor. Good luck and hope they replace implants and the pain fades again x


Fingers crossed the implant change works x


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