Frank blood!

If one has endo in rectum does it bleed without a BM? Only when I went for a wee today I noticed bright blood from anal area when drying . This happened once before exactly 1 month ago. I know I have a nodule on rectum but also have constant throbbing soreness inside of lower rectum. Possibly a haemorroid I suppose .all a bit weird . Colonoscopy 2 years ago negative!

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  • I have exactly the same, nodule on rectum and bleeding they thought originally it was piles, its not its because of the nodule and my rectum being attached to my uterus. I only get this when i am due on my period, yesterday infact I call it the blood poo (sorry) i get this all through my period not the nicest thing to have aswell as all the pain. I get the constant throbbing alse - so annoying! hope this helps xx

  • 2 years ago for a Colonoscopy is quite some time ago, maybe you could ask your doc to arrange another. Endo is a fast mover xx

  • Hi thankyou Amb43 youre right and hopefully the rectal clinic will find out whats going on. My endo mass is higher up than where im experiencing the throbbing but ive recently noticed a very mild pressure pain when motions are travelling down is this a type of pain, tho far worse im sure,that some women experience with their bowel endo? Im having surgery in May for this and also a full hysterectomy!! J x

  • Hi doublel thankyou for responding sorry i havent been back sooner. Its always reassurring when you find similar stories. I can take some from yours my concern is that i dont have periods because i have the Mirena insitu and i dont bleed when having BO so it was alarming to see bright red blood on the tissue paper and definately from the rectum.Ive mentioned to gp this week and hes referred me to Rectal Bleed clinic see whats going on. He did have a look up there about 16months ago with a scope thing,cant remember name, and said i have fissures and a small pile which tends to coincide with where i get the throbbing. Im thinking the worst of course but other gps and gynaes have all listened to my symptoms eg bowel formation etc and dont seem too bothered. So we shall see, best not to sit around on these things i like to know and get on with it! J xx

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