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What the symptoms of endometriosis on pouch of Douglas


I have needle pain on my rectum I don’t know is this consider from pouch of Douglas or bowel issues especially when i poop (sorry)

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I think everybody experiences so many different symptoms, but my main symptoms were bloating and heavy pain in my lower left abdomen. I also had constipation and was painful to pass stool. When I went to the doctors I was told all along it was my bowels, I ended up paying for a private gynae who placed me on a laparoscopy waiting list straight away, the morning of my surgery I told the surgeon my symptoms and he also believed it was my bowels ( surgeon was not the same doctor as my gynae who referred me) but low and behold during surgery they found endo on pouch of Douglas. I think because of where it’s located, it just bothers and irritates the rectal area.

Bdgjdjd in reply to Slm327

Is it painful the pain on the lower left abdomen ? And the pain was it only during period or most of the time ?

Slm327 in reply to Bdgjdjd

Yea there’s definitely times when it’s painful and times when it’s just very uncomfortable, but I would get it at any time, not just around my period. I had a cyst in that area, and always put the pain down to that, but the cyst burst and the pain still keeps coming.

Bdgjdjd in reply to Slm327

Omg this disease is terrible

I just searched about endometriosis on pouch of Douglas and i found what i didn’t expect 💔😭

It affects fertility more than if the disease on the ovaries

At that moment when i read it lost my mind

I have live 4 years on sadness that chocolate cyst make pregnancy so difficult

Now not ovaries only it is also in area that indicate fertility pouch of Douglas

I really need to be happy i was reading about people who have chocolate cysts and they were able to get pregnant now i should quit this stupid thing ( searching) i have to expect my infertility

Slm327 in reply to Bdgjdjd

I feared the worse too, I was told on the morning of my surgery not to expect endo as they thought it was my bowels, after my surgery they told me they found endo and it was all across my pelvis, and I knew nothing else. For 4 weeks i worried myseld sick until my follow up appointment. Turns out my ovaries and tubes are fine, yeah you may have problems getting pregnant but it doesn’t make you infertile. So just try your best not to worry

Have you a had a laparoscopy or endo confirmation yet?

Bdgjdjd in reply to Slm327

Yes i have laproscopy four years ago and it was for a cyst and doctor didn’t talk about my endometriosis and the lap was only 15 minutes i think it was for dignosed not even a treatment

I was hoping he say i have stage 3 omg he screamed on my face no you absolutely stage 4 you have it everywhere he didn’t talk abot endo on pouch of Douglas

But i am now 200% know i have it there

I always suffers from knife pains on my anus

And when my period start i had knife pain on my cervix and even pain on my butt

Difficulties passing stools and gass

And pressure with urination

And chocolate cysts on one ovary Without pain

And the ovary that doesn’t have cysts have adhesions so i always have pain there even without cysts

I really lost hope I cannot handle my tears 😭

V-ssd in reply to Bdgjdjd

Hey you dont know until you try. I have all the symptoms you have said plus bloating and Im 22( next week 23) I know its easier said than done but try to relax and leave it on God hands and I know that one day we'll become mothers.

Also there are plenty of supplements and herbs that many women swear about them for getting pregnant.

Best wishes xx

Hi, my symptoms are similar, I haven't had endo confirmed yet, but get bad bloating, sharp pain up my bum all the time and pain when going to the toilet and pain in my left hand ovary. Had a lap done last year but nothing was confirmed other then adhesions on my right ovary, recently Seen a specialist and he thinks it might be rectovaginal endo, just awaiting a second lap to confirm. Glad to see others with the same symptoms, makes you feel less alone.

I've been recently also diagnosed with that type of endometriosis. My symptoms are bloating, chronic pelvic and back pain... I will start taking the pill for the first time. Hopefully it will be somehow helpfull.

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