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suspected endo?

I am looking for advice about some symptoms I am worried about, I have suffered with frequent painful sex for years and have undergone several antibiotic treatments and ultrasounds and internal examinations which all reveal nothing. Recently I have been experiencing a lot of pain for the first 2 days of my periods when i open my bowels.. and researching this have read about endo being a possible cause..I have booked a drs apt, but unsure how to approach this; as I feel as though they think I am making it up as I have been so many times about the same problem.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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where do you get the pain with intercourse? If it's pain on the skin then it's likely to be an infection but if the pain is in your tummy then endo/scar tissue can be to blame, at least that's what's caused my pain. You might need to explain to your dr that some people with sever endo have mild pain and some people with mild endo have loads of pain. I'd tell them how worried you are and that you'd like to be checked out by a gynea, you are allowed xxx


Write a list of your symptoms and Make a diary of your symptoms too. It often takes a long to get a diagnosis and involves having a laparoscopy so sometimes they can be reluctant to act on your concerns.

Good luck honey x


Sometimes a scan can reveal nothing when it comes to endo. My bowel has adhesions which makes anything in that department uncomfortable - very painful and I was in your position of being sent for scans and internal tests until I told a doctor that I was convinced that it was endo. I asked to see a specialist and it still took ages for a diagnosis. Taking a diary is a great idea as is listing all of your symptoms. It might also be worth checking with your family to see if anyone else has an endo diagnosis. I found out after a few minutes of research that 5/5 aunties on my mums side has it 3/5 had a hysterectomy and 2/5 couldn't have children. Scary stuff.


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