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Should I be worried?

It has been 6 months since zoladex stopped and i still havent had a period. Have taken several pregnancy tests and can honestly say am gutted when negative. Saw gp yesterday and she saud she would have expected things back to normal. Due to see gynae in 6 weeks but conceened that i may have actually gone through menopause...only 34. Please help??

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If you're worried about the menopause then your GP can do a simple blood test to check, might be worth doing hun to put your mind at rest. My mate recently came off the normal pill which had stopped her periods and she didnt have a period for 8 months so I wouldn't worry too much. Saying that I'm in the same situation after coming off norethisterone lol xxx


My dear you should be worried am not trying to scare you but it's been 3 years after my last zoladex and my period is not back


Hi livibean, it took almost six months for my periods to come back after my zoladex course of injections. I started to feel a bit abdominal achy after about 5 months and so I knew something was happening. Have you had any feelings like your body has started working again ie ovulation signs etc?

I think you will have to go back to the Dr if you are worried about the menopause but I really think that is very unlikely. Waiting over 6 months for your periods to come back isn't unusual (sadly for you) it may just take a bit longer. best wishes


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