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hope it gets better!

just come out of hospital , i had my laparoscopy, in abit of pain , but all is well and i hope it keeps that way! i had an ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago and got told i would never have children , and since had alot of pain i went to my doctors every week and asked what the pain was , they did tests after tests, but it was only about 7 weeks ago they told me what it was now ive had a laparoscopy the laparoscopy has been cleared, for now, and ive been told theres no reason why i should not be able to have children, which is really good news, i dont know how long ive had Endometriosis but its caused so many problems , now i hope things get better.

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well as you can tell by other post ..it wasnt that long ago since i had my op...i just started with the same pain a few weeks ago and now have come bak 10 fold...it hasnt got any better ..it was a waste of time(laparoscopy) ive been trying for a baby but no joy...my periods have got worse and longer and in extreme pain...im sick of this now...wen will it end


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