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Finally some progress, though what should I expect now?

Finally a Doctor is listening to me, he's refering me to the Belfast Royal and trying to get me to see someone who is more aware of Endo though now it's the waiting game. For the time being he has put me on Mefenamic Acid, not sure how I'm going to go with these has anybody else had them and is anyone aware of any home remedies other than chocolate and a hot water bottle ;)

Thank you all for help and advice, I'm still relatively new to the whole endo side of things so I'm not sure how it could go but my mom had it and she had to get a Hysterectomy at 28. I'm 26 now so hopefully I won't be heading down that path just yet.

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Hi Charlie-Chuck.

I am so pleased that you have found a dr who is listening and something is being done!

I am on Mefenamic Acid, although I wasn't really told that much about it. It didn't completely abolish the pain but it eased it a bit so that I could function a bit better. The Gyno I saw said to take it a few days before my period and perhaps the first 2 days of the actual period. However, I have been taking it when I am in pain. But it is not having as much of an effect as it was before. Plus I struggle to swallow tablets and they are quite big so I don't take them as much as I should.

One thing I will say, which I was told, is to take them with food even if it a biscuit or two! Also to take it with paracetamol.

I was prescribed this as the next ones for me the gyno said would be the hormone ones which bring on menopause symptoms. But I didn't and she didn't want to give me that as I am young and have no children.

I would say give them a go and if after a month or 2 they are not having any effect then go back.

I'm afraid I am like you re the home remedies of chocolate and hot water bottles!

I am 30, diagnosed finally by age of 27, but still feel relatively new to it and finding out more about endo everyday. Especially now and on this site with the wonderful ladies who give advice and support. I hope you wont be heading down the hysterectomy path either.

I hope the tablets work and give you some respite and I hope you get the appointment to see the specialist soon x Best wishes x


Just remember not to take ibuprofen with mefanamic acid! Paracetomal and codeine is ok to take with it though - I try and take one lot and a few hours later take a different lot to try and stagger pain relief through the day. Cut out caffeine and chocolate and alcohol whilst your in pain, and try to cut out wheat and dairy products.

Good luck, glad things are moving for your x


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