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Severe pain during miscarriage is this normal or an endo symptom?

Hi there

I found out I had endo in April last year so I was worried about my fertility so decided to try for a baby as soon as possible. Luckily I got pregnant straight away in August but then at 12 weeks found out I'd had a miscarriage. The baby had died at six weeks but my body still thought I was pregnant so didn't find out until I started getting ovulating pains and a little bleeding at 12 weeks, two days before my first scan. When the actual miscarriage happened a few days later the pain was unbearable. I had to sit in a hot bath to ease the pain. I was vomiting also from the pain and at times was unable to move because the pain was so severe. I've now started trying again so hopefully will get pregant again soon. I'm just wondering though if that severe pain is normal or was it more severe because I have endo? Because I'm also wondering does that mean that labour pain will be worse than people without endo have? It looks bad enough as it is. I have pain during ovulation, periods, intercourse and some bowel movements so perhaps labour pain would be worse also? My bowel movement pains have been as severe as the miscarriage pain but doesn't last that long. The miscarriage pain lasted for hours but was extremely severe for about an hour. So labour pain does really worry me as I don't know how I will cope to be in that sort of pain for so long.

Thanks any info would be appreciated xx

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Hi I'm sorry to hear that, I had a miscarage 12 year's ago and was 10 weeks. I remember the pain was awful as if it was yesterday, and as far as I know did not have endo but had a cyst removed afterwards. I'm sure the endo doesn't help but it obviously hasn't stopped you from being able to get pregnant so I hope that gives you hope. Im sorry I can't be more helpful but couldn't read and not reply x sending hugs x



I don't know the answer to your question to be honest but I have suffered several miscarriages and yes, they have been extremely painful. I passed out during one of them. I also have a beautiful son, and I'm not going to lie, labour was also extremely painful but he was back to back and had a really short cord so labour wasn't straightforward for me. However, don't worry about labour pain because knowing that the pain is going to bring you joy rather than just misery like usual makes it seem so much more bearable! And also there are a lot of ways to manage your pain during labour! I personally didn't want an epidural (because they scare me!) but after being in labour for a couple of days I finally gave in and had 2 epidals and a spinal block! Lol.I think maybe being used to pain actually helped me because it was nothing new for me! Good luck ttc xxx


I was about 10 weeks pregnant when I had a miscarriage. At first the pain caused me to wake up and feel as if i had to throw up but it only got worse from there. I would say that my miscarriage was the most painful experience in my life. I thought i would be able to handle the pain on my own at home but 911 emergency had to take care of me to help with the pain. I remember just waiting for the ambulance to come, I really felt that i was going to pass out from the pain. As soon as the ambulance finally arrived I did pass out. Im not sure how painful labour pain is but I imagine it being around the same pain for a longer amount of time. Either way at the end of the day our bodies are made to help us get through pain the best way possible.


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